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He is the very symbol of Philadelphia's great boxing history. One of the hardest punching, toughest, most accomplished and most popular of Philly ring attractions, Bennie Briscoe is the inspiration for our award.

Briscoe fought professionally from 1962 to 1982, and compiled a record of 66 wins, 24 losses, 5 draws, with 53 knockouts and 1 no contest. He fought for the middleweight championship three times and although he never took the crown, he is considered one of the best to never win a world title.

With his shaven head, menacing stare, pawing style and pulverizing power - especially to the body, Briscoe thrilled fans in Philadelphia and all over the world. He was a working class fighter and a champion of the people.  No other boxer better personifies the Philly fighter.

Now Bennie Briscoe's legacy is further set. From now on, Philadelphia boxers will be awarded in the name of this great fighter, and his image will rest upon the trophy shelf of the very best of the new generation of fighters. Briscoe's skill and accomplishments have become the measuring stick for all those who do battle in the city of Philadelphia. They may be good, but are they good enough to win the Briscoe Award?



Every year, Philly Boxing History honors the best accomplishments of the local fight scene by awarding participants in various categories. These awards will also serve as a snapshot of the year's history and help to document the the story of boxing in the City as it unfolds. Award categories include "Philly Fighter of the Year", "Philly Fight of the Year", "Performance of the Year", "Prospect of the Year", "Rookie of the Year", "Amateur of the Year", and others. 

The Briscoe Awards Event is held each year to celebrate the previous year's accomplishments. The event brings together the fighters, other boxing personalities, and the fans. 

Our awards were created by local artists in the likeness of Bennie Briscoe. These are no "off the shelf" trophies. Each award is handmade and only available to those honored by our organization. Currently, there are two awards, The Briscoe Statue and The Briscoe Medal. The Briscoe Statue, a full-body cold-cast figure of Briscoe in his iconic fighting pose, was created by Carl LeVotch in 2007. The Briscoe Medal, created by Michael Ajero in 2012, is made of solid bronze and features Bennie's profile on the front and the Liberty Bell on the back. 



ABOUT Philly Boxing History Inc...

Philly Boxing History Incorporated is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the storied ring heritage of Philadelphia. In addition to the Briscoe Awards, Philly Boxing History also has a Gravestone Program, an Arts Program, a comprehensive historical website, and is working toward a physical museum. 



2019 EVENT

The 12th Annual Briscoe Awards will be held on
April 14, 2019, 1:00-4:00 PM, at Xfinity Live!,
1100 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

This year’s Briscoe Award nominations have been announced and voting is now open. The winners will be announced later in January, after the fans have votes. We recognize our local boxing community in a number of categories including Philly Fighter of the Year, Philly Fight of the Year and many others. In addition at the next Briscoe Awards, we will honor two Philly legends with special Briscoe Medals. Promoter J Russell Peltz will receive a Briscoe Medal to celebrate his 50th year as a promoter. Also, former ring great Stanley “Kitten” Hayward will receive the Briscoe Medal to celebrate his 80th birthday and his lifetime of achievement in the sport (and city) we love so much. The ticket price includes admission, a program, food, and drink specials. There will be tee-shirts, posters and other merchandise to buy, and prizes to win. Get your tickets now before they are sold out.

This Year's Categories:
2018 Philly Fighter of the Year - Tevin Farmer
2018 Philly Fight of the Year - TBD
2018 Prospect of the Year - TBD
2018 The One to Watch - Christain Carto
2018 Rookie of the Year - TBD
2018 Amateur of the Year - Atif Oberlton
2018 Performance of the Year - TBD
2018 Knockout of the Year - TBD
2018 Upset of the Year - Samuel Teah
2018 Philly Photo of the Year - TBD in a Contest
2019 Honorary Briscoe Medal - J Russell Peltz
2019 Honorary Briscoe Medal - Stanley “Kitten” Hayward
2019 Everett Brothers Award - TBD